This midsummer, or the summer solstice which it’s also called, I was away with my extended family.
Such a joyful weekend!
Food, food and food with a lot of beverages.
More often than seldom it’s rather cold and rainy this special day, but every year everyone is wishing and hoping for sun and a warm day.
This year it was! 🙂
A beautiful Swedish summer day.

In Sweden this is a big holiday which is celebrated in traditional ways. Everyone has an extra day off from work, Friday, the Midsummer Eve.
Strawberry cake is a must.

In this country we have The Midnight Sun a little bit more north than where I’m living, but here in Stockholm, or in the rest of the country it never gets dark in the night.
The sunset is around 11.30 PM and the sunrise begins around 00.30 AM. In between, the light is still here.

I, who loves the summer, I’m a true summer person deep down in my soul, have mixed emotions about celebrating this holiday.
It’s hard to celebrate that the sun is moving further away again. That in the long run we will once again turn back to darker days.
But, on the other hand, these summer evenings and nights are so beautiful with the amazing Northern light.
I love them! You just don’t want to go inside and definitely not go to sleep.
Which can be a little hard when it’s workdays, but one has to prioritize 😉

For me the choice isn’t very difficult.


If you ever consider going to Sweden and want to experience the bright long summer evenings I can recommend coming here in late June or in beginning of July and forward, to the middle of August. After that, the evenings gets darker earlier, again, but it’s still very beautiful and summer-ish ’til the end of September.

Crown and castle

The Royal Castle in Stockholm, Sweden.

Summer love to ya’ll, ❤ Sanna


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