One Year…

….since my big heart surgery. For 5.5 hours. Awake. 

This is the scariest moment in my whole life. I was alone, scared as ever before and the little girl inside came out. 

The little girl, as I as an adult is supposed to take care of and protect, was really really scared. Tears fell during the whole time. 

When one experience such deep feelings of being afraid, something happens to you. Suddenly, the fear leaves you. You’re not afraid of anything or anyone. Ever again. 

And when you have the fortune to survive, you realize that the only thing you can lose, is time. 


You will never be the same again. You will finally become the best of yourself. You finally become who you are meant to be. 😊 True to yourself and your values in life. 

Every day is a new opportunity to experience a wonderful life. The inner you shines like a bright guiding star. 

Yesterday I celebrated 1 Year. Like I now have two birthdays. I don’t know if any of them are more important to me than the other. Both are equally important. They can’t be separated. 

I thought my bad heart condition was the end of my life. I was wrong. 

It was the beginning. 

I love to live. I’m learning to live again. Loving every minute of living. 

This incredible cake was made especially for me. Some might think it’s bizarre, but I totally love this! 

Thank you, R and S, for this amazing cake! I love you 💕

❤ Sanna


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