A week of cakes!

It all began a couple of years ago. We didn’t know by that time this should turn out to be a family tradition. 

But it did and all of us totally loves it. It’s a wonderful week full of celebration and the most important days of the year, in this family. 

It’s not Christmas. It’s not New Year. It’s this week in June that matters most. 

This is also very convenient for us all. It doesn’t matter where we’re celebrating all the other holidays during the year, because we all know we’ve got this time of the year, together. 

It all begins June the  6th. The Swedish National day, but also the wedding day of my youngest daughter, A. Ever since her wedding with N, the sun has been shining from a clear blue sky this special day.  It can rain the days before and after, but never the 6th. The Universe is giving this to us. 

We eat and drink the whole day.  BBQ, cakes, fruits, potatoe salad, strawberries, champagne…everything we like. We’re celebrating love and unity. We play games. We play a game called, if one should translate it directly, it would be something like “Burned Ball” and in a way it reminds of Baseball. Old, young, children – we all participate, in our own capacities. 

This is the starting date. 

In Sweden, this is also the time when the school ends for summer vacation. Celebrating with cakes, of course. 

At workplaces, the last important meetings occurs this week.Before the summer vacations begins. Cakes, for a year of good work….of course. 

From the 6th and rest of the week we’re celebrating Birthdays. We’re a big family. If only looking for the closest family, we’re something like 20-25 people. Many of us born in this time of the year. 

So, a lot of cakes. And songs. A lot of celebrations.

These are days filled with love and gratitude. We’re meeting up this week because we all want to spend this time together, not because we need to. Not because of feeling obligated to. 
We’re having the best of times. We’re talking about highs and lows, what has happened this last year and what we’re hoping and planning for, the year to come. 

It doesn’t matter if we don’t see each other until next year, next “week of cakes”. Then we all continue to talk, eat, drink and celebrate again. Like we never ended the year before. 

The 6th is also the day when “newcomers”, girlfriends and boyfriends are introduced to the family. We all know the relationship is serious if there’s a newcomer. 

So, of course, we all open up our arms, homes and hearts. Our family expands. Out of love. 

I’m so grateful for being a part of this family! I’m proud over my extended family. I love my family. 

So much love, respect, friendship, loyalty and trust. 

And cakes. Of course.

❤ Sanna 


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