Beautiful Sunday

The rain woke me up.
When I opened my eyes I felt complete stillness and serenity.

There is nothing out there, only what’s in.
In my home. In my heart. In my soul.

I wish you could be here, sitting here, right beside me and that I could give you the gift to explore the beautiful stillness, this beautiful Sunday.

The birds are chirping. Singing their song. Each and everyone.
The bushes are green and flowery, with raindrops on their leaves.
The sky is light grey, but still there is a light behind the clouds.
Where I’m sitting right now, not even a little leaf is moving.
Complete stillness.
It feels almost unimaginable.

A morning I will keep in my memory for a very long time.
A special morning.
A special Sunday.

A special moment.

Despite a traumatic 2016, filled with dramas created by others, I’m still here.
Feeling grateful and blessed.
Feeling like a survivor.

A survivor with a purpose.

Give. Share. Help. Encourage. Faith.
I want to share love, excitement, joy with you all.
I want to share how you can take back control over your life, if you’ve lost it. Techniques. Finding visions and goals. How to achieve. How to plan and how to take actions according to those plans.

Life doesn’t happens to us.
Life is a gift. A gift we can celebrate and feel joyous about, on every day basis. It doesn’t have to be big things. The small things in life is what makes it all go around. Every little moment, is your life.

Sometimes good, sometimes bad things happens.
But whatever happens – life will go on.

You can go from despair ’til happiness.
You can feel hope and faith.
You can do what it takes.
If you want to.
If you really want to.

Mornings like this fills me with love, happiness and I feel truly connected with the Universe and my Angels.

Yoga, meditation and an early walk – connecting with the nature.

This is a beautiful Sunday morning.
A gift.
Every day is a gift.

Take care of yourself and enjoy your day.

❤ Sanna


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