Death brings out life

Sadness. Pain Grief.

Words can’t express the loss.

Also so much love.

When someone close to you dies, your life changes.

Memories flashes.
Words. Moments. Events.

Funerals are for love and for saying “Goodbye”.
For saying “Thank you”.
Funerals can be very beautiful and filled with love and gratitude.
With light and bright memories.

Yesterday we all celebrated Grandma, one last time.
It was very beautiful.
We all ended up in a big family hug, comforting and with love.
We shared our pain and tears.
United in the loss.

These are moments which brings out Life from the Death.
Brings out life from spirit and soul.
When soul, life, death, spirit and love makes an incredible magic cosmic dance.

Contemplating about life in general, the birth, the death and everything in between.
My own, especially.
The knowledge of what’s most important in life.
Love. Friendship. Life. Happiness. Family.

Everything floats in a circle.
The circle of life.

Thank you for everything you gave to me.
To your children.
To my children.
Your time. Your love. Your life. Your open door.
Your arms.
Your heart.
Your love.









“Thank you” isn’t enough.
Can never be enough.
With love, from the deepest of my heart and soul.

I am blessed and so grateful for you being in my life.

❤ Sanna


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